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    ◆ Research and Development Center

        As a sunrising hi-tech company, AEC attaches great importance to the development and application of new technologies and products, and set up the polymer Li-ion battery R&D center in 2005 which was accredited as the Guangdong Provincial Engineering R&D Center (hereinafter abbreviated as R&D center). The R&D center consists six functional teams which includes Li-ion battery material development team, team of battery development for wearable devices, high capacity EV development team, battery control system R&D team, battery pack structure designing team and test center. In recnet years, AEC has invested hugely to support the product R&D through equipping the labs with many advanced devices. Those labs includes cell lab, pack assembly lab, chemical lab, safety test lab, cell performance test lab as well as another 2 external labs jointly established with colleges. Besides, we have cooparation with several universities to realize the mutual development.

        Currently, AEC boasts 70 IPRs which includes 5 patents of invention. Strategically, we aim to develop our own technologies and brand and increase the added value of our products through various advanced technologies and know-how. Applying those technologies and patents does a big help in overcoming difficulties occurred in the Li-ion battery R&D and production.

    ◆  Popularization of new product & technology 

    ◇  Thermography of the quick charge battery     

     1. SOC vs Charge time

    2. Curve of the charging temperature change

    3.  Other :

        Initial state  :

      Highest temperature :

    End temperature:

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