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    On-campus recruitment

    All positions

    Industry Engineer
    申请职位 请投递简历到该招聘邮箱:luyongyi@aecbattery.com

    Date:2017/05/31 11:29

    Job Requirements:


    1. With a bachelor’s degree in the major of industrial engineering; 

    2. The candidate should have a great academic performance without failing course. 

    Job Responsibilities:


    1.Monitoring and improving the factory running;

    2.Collecting data of production efficiency, analyzing them and offering improvement proposal;

    3.Collecting data of standard labor time, analyzing them and offering improvement proposal;

    4.Collecting date of production capacity per human resources standard and per the equipment standard;

    5. Offering the labor time standards as well as the production capacity for every process.


    two-day-off weekend, a full set of insurances and housing fund, free accommodations, free commute, regular physical examination, annual traveling fund, festival gifts, paid vacation, KPI bonus, on-job training and promotion.

    ◆Contact us:

    Ms. Huang:135 6036 2895 ;

    E-mail : shyhuang@aecbattery.com ; luyongyi@aecbattery.com ;

    Company address: Unit F2, Guoguang Industrial Park, 8 JingHu Road, Xinya Street, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province of P. R. China

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