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    Company news

    Congratulations on AEC’s being accredited as Giant of Technological Company of Guangzhou

    Date:2017-05-29 17:29:30  Hits: 6294 times

    In August 2014, Apower Electronics Co., Ltd was accredited as the Giant of Technological Company of Guangzhou, which is featured by huge potential in technology development, strong vigor of innovation and growing market share.AEC devotes itself to the R&D, production and marketing of Hi-tech products under the guidance of the city plan, boasts high level technical services, the equivalent R&D investment as well as independent IPRs.

    AEC, a mainstay in the Hi-tech industry, attaches great importance to the development of current products, critical technologies as well as the state-of-art researches, sticks to the connection and exchange between college and enterprise to optimize and update technologies through original and integrated innovation and secondary innovation, increases investment on the R&D equipment as well as the material assurance, and establishes the system of rewards and punishments to mobilize staff’s enthusiasm. 

      Giant of Technological Company of Guangzhou means not only an honor but more responsibility for AEC. Only converting the Hi-tech achievement into the real production capacity, can AEC provide quality goods and services to the society and repay their trust.    

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